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Moina, again,,,,, A New area with course gold.

Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:53 pm
by Philski

i noticed a scant fragment in an old news paper report about course gold (nuggets) being found to the East of Bell Creek on a spur of Mosquito Creek! I was not even looking for gold reports at the time. I finally managed to get into Mosquito creek workings proper last trip when Fox and Darren where up that way, and detected a pick head right on the surface, and other relics with zero modern rubbish. so presume the entire area has never been detected before or set foot on for at least 80 years. Its fantastic ground to detect on. Open ground with some running water available. And, stacks of easy to dig alluvium all over the place. It used to be impenetrable scrub but for some reason has thinned rapidly the last decade or so. i had never once myself managed to get into this field till last trip up there. i never gave the area that much concern in the past because i thought it was all fine gold.

The gold is by all other accounts fine in that part of the field with the occasional gram piece. But this reported patch was course gold! This is the only mention i have ever read about it. The rest of the field every man and his dog has covered again and again and its getting hard to find nuggety gold in bell creek itself anymore.

i also found i dont start uni in Hobart till March now. It gives me nearly a month of prospecting before i get down to study. so if anyone is interested in a day or two up there or anyplace else, let me know?

im heading up tomorrow for a scout about. I will let anyone interested know how i go with it when i get back. Or if anyone wants a day out tomorrow etc.

I also ran into someone at rifle practice on Saturday that knew about the murder up that way. Don Packet was asked to mind all the women and children and keep them safe at Wilmot while the men and police went looking for the murderer at Moina. They left him with a gun to guard them. When they got back the sargent said he could not find any evidence of anyone and thats when Don Packet said, "It was me sarg" "i shot them both". he was by all accounts a very honest and trustworthy fellow. He would probably have got away with manslaughter apparently. Had he not shot them repeatedly.

His wife waited patiently for him to get out of jail 22 years later. They moved to Latrobe. He was so honest and trustworthy they moved him to Hayes prison farm from the main jail after 2 years and he drove the jail farms stock to the shows around Tasmania so he had some freedoms, while she waited.

Remarkable people still remember him.

have a great night

Re: Moina, again,,,,, A New area with course gold.

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 8:49 am
by mfdes
Hi Phil,

Very interested. Problem is getting there in the next couple of weekends. Next Monday is a vague possibility... The following Monday (9th March) is a public holiday, maybe better for most people?


Re: Moina, again,,,,, A New area with course gold.

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 4:26 pm
by Philski
Hi Miguel
It was a bit of a disappointment for gold today, but worth the effort for relics for sure.

I spent several hours there today and found another 2 pick heads, 1 broken axe head, a pitch fork, 2 bullets and a stack of nails, but no gold other than fine in the pan, not even flaky just flour and not much of it. Deepest target was 2 foot down and still overloaded the detector. The area i presume they meant with the course gold was the South end of Kemp's workings and its the most extensive workings i could find in the whole area. I did 4 East / West traverses today at approx 20 meter spacing's to the North. There are more big targets in the relic area to be dug. but i was already loaded up with all the old tools i had found and other bits and just left them for some other "lucky" person to lug out.

Below is a map of the area covered from Bell Creek to the top of the basin to the East past Mosquito Creek. There are some distinct vegetation changes on the edge of the field as you move up and out of Mosquito Creek and out of the auriferous basin.

The only interesting thing i found was some black pug bottom over in Poverty similar to that found up the top of bells creek near Betts claim. It was the true bottom and has been stripped clean. It gives phantom signals just like bells creek too and may be worth another day, Just above it in Bells is where all the largest nuggets came from.

I also noticed a Frontier Resources have been in there sampling from a few of their line markers. They did a very extensive program over the entire area 4 - 5 years ago from memory. No idea of grades or line spacing's? i didn't know till today they had visited this part of the field though.

i didnt get to use the underwater camera properly. Someone had recently been working up in bells creek and the turbidity was well over 500, so impossible to see clearly.

Easiest way into the relic area is go in straight behind the blue homestead and jump over Basalt Creek.
I asked permission from Mr Loone to access the area on foot. Or go 50 meters up the track and cut right. There are a couple of loggers tracks north of the homestead that make access easier that way in.

Re: Moina, again,,,,, A New area with course gold.

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 7:30 pm
by Philski
just found a reference to the article i read online in MRT's library. It appears the journalist at the time, perhaps misquoted Broadhurst's report? The newspaper article i read had course gold on the end of the spur between Poverty Creek and Mosquito Creek!

Taken from Broadhurst's 1934 report
"Considerable work has been carried out along the course of Poverty Creek, and lately the wash on the end of the spur between Poverty Creek and Bell Creek has been worked. In the former only fine gold was obtained, but in the latter both coarse and fine gold is found"

internet source" ... 032-45.pdf

I does help date the tools i found to approx 80 years old. so not a bad outcome. one of the mattocks was worn down to the size of an apple and i presume simply worn out and thrown away. The miner who swung it would have been Lawson, who worked on George Washington Kemp's claim. GW Kemp. Mr Kemps father was a notable businessman and magistrate who was also one of the first to settle in Van diemens land in 1803 at Outer Cove in November 1803 he was second in command at Port Dalyrymple (Launceston) Kempton is named after him, Kemp Lane next to Drysdale house in Hobart and of course Kemp and Denning the timber merchants was one of his businesses. His father Anthony Fenn Kemp, met the America president George Washington and was so impressed by him, he named his son after him. cool huh

A.Fenn Kemp as also instrumental in the run rebellion that overthrew Captain Bligh.

anyway have a great day
Phillip Kemp

EDIT....perhaps they where not mistaken.. predating Boradhurst

1918.. A superficial deposit of ferromanganese ore, specimens of which contain coarse gold, outcrops on the ridge between Mosquito and Poverty Creeks. This formation has been intersected by a long, deep trench.
i hit a patch of ferromanganese hot rocks on the above spur today and never sampled it because i just expected iron to be in it. i was looking for the contact boundary between the conglomerate and sandstone, on black pug. Anyway,, back up there once again.

Twelvetrees in 1912
Mr. Leslie J. Smith says that his father, Mr. James (Philosopher) Smith, thought there was a vein or lode east of Poverty Creek, and not more distant than a third of a mile. The former, with Mr. Packett, sank several shafts east of Poverty Creek, and bottomed on a dark slaty or chertlike rock, which was veined and carried carbonate of iron and arsenical pyrites.

Mr. A. Montgomery inspected the diggings in 1903, when 80 men were at work, and he described the drift as
consisting of pretty well waterworn gravel, averaging from 3 to 8 feet in depth in the lower parts of the leads, but
getting deeper towards the north. The only part of it found to be worth saving was about 6 inches on a false bottom, representing an old-surface soil, such as would have formed in a swamp. He says that a hole sunk in the
eastern branch of the lead struck the bedrock of blue limestone dipping westward.

The writer is informed that the diggers never troubled to sluice more than from 3 to 6 inches of the wash immediately above the pug bottom. A little waterworn gold was obtained from potholes, and the wash from Some of these was considered as of an older aspect than the ordinary drift, and as likely to be the residuum of the ancient drift in which the gold existed.

source: Twelvetrees (1912) P,107 The Middlesex and Mount Claude Mining Field
Internet source: ... /GSB14.pdf

im away this all weekend, but the one after is great for me too. Perhaps something closer to Hobart and more productive than Bell creek would be better. Unless i hit it of course. i will let you know

Re: Moina, again,,,,, A New area with course gold.

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 10:25 pm
by Resto
Hi Im still keen to get out and give the new detector a go(last few weeks have been very busy). My car died today so that will slow me down for a few days but keen to catch up with you at some point.
Cheers Adam

Re: Moina, again,,,,, A New area with course gold.

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:06 pm
by Philski
HI Adam

im away all this weekend, but free every day for the next few weeks after that. So any day or time that suit you is good, I will bring all the xterra coils i have with me, so you can try them. Athol wants to go up too. i got a 1.85 gram nugget not last trip but the one before, right in the middle of the most detected part of the creek. There is still some gold nuggets to be found but it is harder than it used to be. Hopefully opening up a new area will make it more productive again for everyone.

Golds jumped $100 the last month to AU$1541 so hopefully a few nuggets and your detector will be paid for.

have a great night

Re: Moina, again,,,,, A New area with course gold.

Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:01 pm
by Resto
Sounds good, i could generally do a Friday as im flexible with work those days, if that helps to narrow down a date.
Cheers Adam

Re: Moina, again,,,,, A New area with course gold.

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:38 pm
by Philski
HI Adam and all

i start working on the West Coast again from tomorrow. (Queenstown) so wont have as much time in the North of the state as i thought. Im right in the middle of it all down there so pretty happy to be back in the "swing" of it.

There where a few pockets around Lake Margaret, Linda, Gormy etc. i never had the chance to prospect on last time i was there. So its a great opportunity for me to do it this time. And i really miss the place and people down there, so really looking forward to it.

i hope everyone has a fantastic week.

Kindest regards

Re: Moina, again,,,,, A New area with course gold.

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 4:42 pm
by Rohan
Hello phil if I'm not mistaken the lawson mentioned above was one of the men murdered in the first post on this page

Re: Moina, again,,,,, A New area with course gold.

Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 5:19 pm
by Philski
Hey Rohan, Yes the same person. Someone on here is related to Mr Henry Francis Lawson from memory and they are more than welcome to this relic and any others i find on his claim if they get in contact.

Donovan Henry Charles Cruttenden Packett (was sentenced to death for the crime, but had it reduced to life in prison on appeal) Below, is the handing down of the death sentence in 1937. (78 years ago) Some of the elderly people ive spoken to around here still remember the incident. And its great to get a first hand view of what happened as well as newspaper reports and the like. Their was a lot of local sympathy towards Packett and that helped save his life. ... rchLimits=

The jury retired at 3.12 p.m. and at 5.07 p.m. Intimated that they were agreed upon their verdict. They found Packett guilty of having murdered Gordon Charles Frankcombe and guilty of having murdered Henry Francis Lawson, at Moina, on April 26 1937. The Foreman-And we wish to add a recommendation to mercy. His Honour informed the jury that their recommendation to mercy would be conveyed to the appropriate quarter."Donovan Henry Charles Cruttenden Packet" said His Honour addressing Packett: "It is my solemn duty now,on the verdict the jury has found, to record the only sentence which the law allows me to pass-that you be returned to your former place of custody, and at a time and place to be appointed by the Governor, you are to be hanged by the neck until you are dead. And may the Lord have mercy on your soul."

He had his sentence reduced to life in prison shortly afterwards.

Saidie Tasma Morey was born on 12 Nov 1904 in Barrington, Tasmania. Saidie married Donovan Henry Charles Packett, son of Charles Packett and Caroline Cruttenden Mace. Donovan was born on 18 Feb 1904 in Barrington, Tasmania.