Big Creek (lower) Sth of Ulverstone

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Big Creek (lower) Sth of Ulverstone

Postby warrenaw » Mon Aug 22, 2016 3:52 pm

Decided to test out my ability to follow waypoints in my new Magellan 510 GPS, so went to find (Located Sth of Wynyard about 10 km), Big Creek (Lower) as per the Tasmania Gold Occurrences KMZ file. Its in an area of very thick bush regrowth, after a fire a couple of years ago, I'd suspect. Bracken taller than I am and lots of spindly tree trunks very close together.Took about 30 minutes to go 150 meters off the road. Anyway, it seems to not exist or mismarked. Walked all around where it was supposed to be. Definitely some human presence a long time ago. There's whats got to be a ditch about 1/2 meter deep and perhaps 5 m long, but no sign of any mine or relics or hole in the ground at all. Probably need another bushfire to see exactly what used to be there.

Has anyone actually been there before to that one and seen it?

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Re: Big Creek (lower) Sth of Ulverstone

Postby mfdes » Mon Aug 22, 2016 4:09 pm

A lot of the MRT Mineral occurrences are not accurate to modern GPS standard. If you look in the MRTMap "Mineral Occurrences" overlay and click on the green icon for a particular occurrence, it should tell you the accurracy (10m, 100m, 500m, some 1000m).
Also keep in mind that for some of them it's not clear whether they're using GDA94 datum (modern, equivalent to WGS84), or the older AGD66 (which is about 200m off).
Also what you describe seems to me to be enough for MRT to have mapped it as an area of alluvial workings.

If it's the file from my site, then I'm glad to see someone finds it useful!


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Re: Big Creek (lower) Sth of Ulverstone

Postby warrenaw » Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:44 pm

It's certainly the file from your site, Miguel. There's a very old track that's quite grown over about 200m from there. Followed it for about 1/2km in the hope it was going to the mine. Reckon I should go back and follow it some more. Could be something interesting up there.
Big Creek itself might be worth checking out itself when the rains stop and the water level in it goes down and the banks aren't so very soggy.

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