Turbopan 25cm The 2014 Australian gold panning champions pan

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Turbopan 25cm The 2014 Australian gold panning champions pan

Post by Philski » Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:58 pm

The Turbopan $15.95 is my favorite prospecting tool. Kim Hiller the inventor took out the 2014 Australian gold panning championship with a turbopan this year, they are that good. Its innovative design takes many of the limitations in other traditional gold pan designs and makes them seem slow by comparison. It really improves speed of recovery using a minimum depth of water. A puddle of water will do the job. It All adds up to a really great prospectors product. Light weight, strong and easy to pack. The 25cm Turbo Pan has a sluice box like riffle set to not only trap gold and larger nuggets. Plus any other other heavy minerals. SG 6+. It also drives the gold into the middle, where its trapped. Its super easy to use and with a little practice, it just seems to work. It will make processing any wash faster than ever before. including clay's

200kg plus per hour

Australian Designed, Australian made and exported worldwide.

Some people have trouble with them initially, i know, but in all honesty they perhaps go to hard on the swirl or tip out angle. Or perhaps needed to rinse them of oils from transport and storage and packaging if brand, brand new. I do lose some gold too, but its because of me, not the pan. I have used mine for 20 months, 10 of that as a full time geology student and can bust out a pan of gravel, quicker than i have ever been able to before. And, it will last me many many more years to come, its so well made. Awesome value and great product. Proven results. That's why i sell them.

Watch for more amazing prospecting bargains, at the lowest MAP prices in the world.
We sell more than metal detectors. But, that may be changing too. watch this space.



Winner of the 2014 Australian

Gold Panning Championship!

Turn over more pay dirt

Australian made, Australian designed, Australian sold

The Turbopan is absolutely perfect at sampling on the go and prospecting remote and forgotten stream and rivers or anyplace with only a few inch's of water. East to pack. Great at cleanup time to remove the last bits of black sand. They also makes a great travel companion in the car or as a reserve pan and take up very little space. And anyone that struggles to pan out a full sized and weighty gold pan. 144 full size traditional 16 inch gold pans equates to 1 tonne of gravels. The Turbopan can reduce to gold faster than any gold pan i have ever used for its size. This pan Rocks

Does it catch really fine gold? You bet it does. The finest flour gold smaller than the weave in silk will stay trapped in the cons trap. No gold extraction method is 100% but this pan does well, it really does

How to use. Simply fill the pan with the material you want to sample for heavy minerals. Submerge it all in water and shake side to side and front to back to drop the heavies. Swirl in a moderate to hard pattern clockwise to blow out the lighter material, Shake again to resettle and gently tip and shake side to side like a traditional gold pan. Clay's are easily broken down with rubbing on the riffles.

Then a spash of water to clean up and back wash and tap to get clean gold. in under one min.

The 10 inch Turbopan

Diameter: 25 cm (10 inch)
Height: 5cm
Weight 230 g
Capacity 1250 cc
Sidewall Angle 50 degree
Fall of Riffles 1 - 7
Sluice Riffles: 15
Clean up Riffles: 10

Enjoy super fast postage at cost price only, local pick up welcome 7 days
30 day money back guarantee

Payment via direct deposit, paypal as gift, cash, cheque, money order, bullion or Australian numismatics accepted.
Pickup Available 7 days

New 25cm Black Turbopan $15.95

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September - Free Postage TURBOPAN Sundays

Post by Philski » Thu Sep 18, 2014 2:35 pm

Sold a few! O' YES, That was so Awesome! Posted same day, in amazing packaging. And, im almost as excited as the new customers are about it. So, to celebrate. Why not get one of these great turbopan gold pans to try for yourself and Enjoy free
Postage Australia wide, for every Turbopan sold here on Sundays. Every Sunday is Free Postage Day for the amazing turbopan on

Large Turbopan Au$19.80
Small turbopan Au$14.85
Postage Free Australia Wide. With tracking number
Express post next day delivery Au$9.90
Worldwide, first class airmail, Express international or international sea freight all at cost price only.

bulk orders welcome.

Payment via paypal, cash, cheque ,money order, and direct deposit.\
7 days to pay. or lay-by for Christmas

buzz or pm to order.

have another really super wonderful day

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Re: Turbopan 25cm The 2014 Australian gold panning champions

Post by Fox » Fri Sep 19, 2014 6:46 am

G'day Phil, could you please keep 3 x 25cm Turbo pans and 6 of the cheap 20cm pans for me. They will make excellent Christmas presents for up and coming young prospectors. Will collect them next time I see you. That way we don't have to worry about postage & packaging.

Cheers, Fox

P.S. I like the new look Forum site - you've done a great job :)

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Re: Turbopan 25cm The 2014 Australian gold panning champions

Post by Philski » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:21 pm

Awesome.. Thank you Fox. It took off today the sales. And, your order is really the icing on the cake. And, so very much appreciated.

have a wonderful night

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Re: Turbopan 25cm The 2014 Australian gold panning champions

Post by adam85 » Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:15 am

Do you still sell these? Thanks

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