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Victoria 570 Ballarat Historical Gold mine Maps

Posted: Thu May 21, 2015 8:32 pm
by Philski
The State Library of Victorian has recently released 570 digitized historical gold mines and claims (1870–1890) is centered around the famous goldfields of Ballarat in Victoria. It also covers many other areas in the Central Victorian goldfields in the immediate vicinity of Ballarat. And as far north as Shelbourne and Marong via the Castlemaine diggings. This is an amazing and extensive map collection and gives names dates places and people. Including some of the Chinese gardens and Chinese names. The maps took SLV 4 months to get to this quality and must be commended on their dedication and skill.

Ballarat (Vic.) (124)
Creswick (Vic.) (110)
Nerrina (Vic.) (42)
Egerton (Vic.) (30)
Clunes (Vic.) (25)
Smeaton (Vic.) (23)
Gordon (Vic.) (23)
Bald Hills (Vic.) (17)
Black Hill (Vic.) (15)
Sebastapol (Vic.) (13)
Edgerton (Vic.) (12)
Spring Hill (Vic.) (12)
Shelbourne (Vic.) (11)
Ballarat North (Vic.) (8)
Marong (Vic.) (8)
Napoleons (Vic.) (7)
Bungaree (Vic.) (7) ... go-online/

Re: Victoria 570 Ballarat Historical Gold mine Maps

Posted: Fri May 22, 2015 10:05 am
by mfdes
Great project, thanks for the link!
I reckon they'd be helpful if planning a trip across the ditch.