Rocky River report

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Rocky River report

Postby Kezndaz » Sun Jan 01, 2017 3:26 pm

Happy new year to all
We just came out of a 3 day trip to the Rocky
Rain on the second day took 18 hrs to come through and make the crossing too risky.
The recent flood came up over the camp. Significant flood debris on banks to hamper progress. The old road down has not improved, and a land slip 30 m before the camp will end any vehicle progress. A little color from the rocky was achieved. We investigated upstream on the Whyte on the Meredith side. Much workings,adit,shaft and possibly "Tarrys sluicing face" above a deep hole in the Whyte. We regularly take the first sidetrack (pink tape) about 200m up the hill on the other side. This leads around the Whyte, past the huge wet tunnel to the Rocky mouth, 20 min from camp. We usually walk and wade up the Rocky (only knee high when low). McGintys Hole could be one of several. You will know Catarct ck when you get there as there is a cataract at the river entry,
There is a second tape track a few hundred meters up the hill from our usual track. Havent followed it all the way yet, but have possibly seen the track entry down on the Rocky. Met Rick and mate from Tasman peninsula who walked down for a day prospect only to find the river impassable.Driving out we thought that if you have a good look at the Whyte at Luina or the Heazlewood as you drive past they should be shin deep, or you will need a swift water craft down at the Whyte. Hope to be back out end of Jan/ early Feb.
Included some photos from another trip 2 yrs ago.
See you out there
Kez and Daz

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Re: Rocky River report

Postby drystone » Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:02 pm

Hi Kez and Daz,
an excellent post: informative and a good read too!
Sounds like the road in is one part of the challenge, the rapidly changing river levels the other.
persistence usually pays off, hopefully recent floods will have remobilised some gold, or exposed bits previously concealed.
good luck in 2017!

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Re: Rocky River report

Postby Philski » Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:18 am

i have taken the second flag in and follow the race till it becomes impassable, then down the hill and up river to McGintys bend. His workings are up the top on the western fall of the sharpest bend in the river. your detector will go bananas up there, as it will in the river itself. Its pretty steep going down. Just below the third falls on the lucy side of the creek there is an unworked gravel shingle bank with decent shotty gold. Everything below that has been dredged and quite a way upstream as well. 6th fall etc, McGinty also had a claim towards the whyte and another at 19 mile.

If you take the road over the Whyte river all the way to the top and then follow the road where it clears into button grass, past the really steep bit. There are a few heavily anomalous areas on the southern fall of the ridge going in towards Cataract Creek, Well away from water. and a few areas that back into the streams that feed the lower rocky river that will send most detectors into overdrive. Some are simply iron and will overload your machine in a hurry,

Coral lent me some sampling maps, i will try and post on here if i can get time.

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Re: Rocky River report

Postby Kezndaz » Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:04 pm

G'day to all
Cheers drystone and Philip.
Thanks for the info re Mc Gintys hole, though won't be going to the bottom of that in the forseable future.
Trove notes that this crossing over the Whyte used to be a town called Bayleys Bridge with about 30 residents in 1895.
Reports are saying the old track to Lucy spur used to go down to the Rocky mouth, over and up the Spurs to the ridge.
It seems that there were four official bridges over the Whyte at different locations and times, at Luina, heazlewood to mt Stewart, rocky river, and Pieman. Below is a trove transfer (1895) that discusses the alluvial nature of the Whyte river around the current crossing and camp. We found that map previously posted by Philski with concentrate samples kind of useful but hard to read, and we didnt really know how to interpret it in the end. Wondering whether the minelab ctx 3030 will handle the hot rox ..
Kez n Daz

In reference to that part of the Whyte
River, near its junction with the Rocky
and the wire bridge, which it is your in
tention to divert : I was prospecting in the
vicinity for over three months, and pros
Spected the Whyte by wing-damming it. A
party of four of us da rmed it after six
weeks' fine weather, on a bar about two
chains below the proposed damr and head of
. tunnel. We got 22?oz of gold out of a small
paddock?about 12 feet square, mostof the
gold being got in crevices. The gold was
a- very coarse and nuggety. I also pros
t, pected other parts of the river, and found
g good prospects, as high as 3 grains to the
dish, but the only chance I had of getting
gold was when the river was very low. The
outlet of the proposed tunnel is about two
chains from the Rocky River, where the
large t nuggets ever found in Tasmania
were got, two weighing respectively 252oz3
i. and 14:z. Wilson's Creek, which was
very riob, also empties into the Whyte a
few chains above the proposed dam at the
n. intake of tunnel, Brown's and Long's
Plains being on the opposite side of the
a. river, where over 9000. z of gold was found.
I estimate the length of tunnel from 350ft
o. to400ft. The country through which it
would go is composed of soft slate and
h dioxite, so that the cost of driving would
p be light. The mine is very accessible,
there being's good track from the wire
d bridge to Corinna township, about nine
i. miles, three miles of it a cart road.
Mr Lightly, formerly manager of the
- MIount Lyell, in writing about the claim

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