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Alf Rowe

Post by admin » Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:32 pm

Alfie Rowe isnt a name you hear a lot about when it comes to Tasmanian Prospecting. But he is a worthy inclusion. He was a genial man that was many things, and inventor, father and avid exploration and prospecting enthusiast. I had the privilege of meeting Alfie at Tandara Lodge aged care in Sheffield Tasmania a couple of years before he passed away. I was talking to him about an invention. Alf also made the worlds first coin operated petrol pump. Today we swipe a card, but same principle. His family still live and work in the district.

One of alfs most memorable exploration trips was to go up in a light plane looking for old Tasmanian Gold fields from the air. He spotted O'rourke's Hydraulic at Five mile rise in 1966 and then proceeded to bulldoze a track into the field. There is no evidence of that track left. Today the area is mostly under plantation and the gold, what there is of it, is very fine and hardly worth the effort to mine.

i will write more about him in the coming weeks as time permits.

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